Wet bar ideas

cool themes for your bar

There are a huge number of ways to make your wet bar the coolest place in your neighbourhood. If you're looking for a few ideas for bar themes, here are some suggestions:

Sports Bar

A few simple touches can turn your bar room into a sports fans' paradise. What better way to watch the big game with your buddies or family than in the comfort of your own sports bar?

Probably the most popular approach to creating a sports bar is theming it round your team. You've probably already got lots of memorabilia which will look great on display and help create the atmosphere. Or you could go for a bar based on your favorite sport with stuff that reflects key rivalries or the great match-ups from the past. If you have the room (and the ambition), you could even build the bar to look as if you were in a sporting arena - maybe in the stands, down on the pitch or inside a boxing ring - with crowds painted on the wall and pitch markings across the floor. If it fits the design, dress a dummy up as a hot dog vendor or put a "team" bench along one wall.

For a good sports bar, you'll want a big TV mounted somewhere everyone can easily see it. If you are going to be sat watching matches quite a bit you'll want the bar seating to be comfortable, so you should probably consider leather seating and bar stools with backs or comfortable chairs. Not that style isn't important too. You can get bar stools based on various teams and sports (see our store for examples). Sports memorabilia is a must - you could use pennants, old photos, mounted newspaper game reports, bar towels with team logos, replica trophies and pinned up replica shirts for instance. Also look out for ways to incorporate other items into the design. For example your wall or ceiling lights might become stadium lights.

Hollywood/movie bar

Film memorabilia is easy to come by and is an easy way to give your bar a bit of Hollywood glamor. At the value end of the scale you can use current and retro posters for films you love (don't forget your favorites as a kid). If you can splash out a bit more then it's possible to buy genuine film props and other items from Ebay and other places online. Sprinkle them liberally around to make your bar feel like a Hollywood insider's hangout. A really cool way to enjoy a movie bar would be to put a home theater setup in there as well, complete with popcorn making machine and plush theater style seating.

James Bond or Casino theme

You'll want Martini stirrers and definitely not cocktail shakers for this one. Use soft wall lighting to create the right ambience. For the classic 50's style Bond casino use lots of chrome and steel, including bar accessories. Put some potted plants around and have a red velvet carpet at the bar entrance. To create the centerpiece of the casino (if you have room) get a roulette wheel and/or some poker tables.

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