Wet Bar Sink

A wet bar sink is an essential component of a home wet bar - technically the sink is what distinguishes a wet bar from a home bar. Deciding what kind of sink to use in your wet bar may seem of little consequence, but there are many different choices available, so its worth taking a moment to consider the different types on offer and which wet bar sink will be right for you.

The first question is size. If the layout of your bar is already decided then your bar sink is going to have to be one that fits in the space you've allocated for it. However if you are still planing how to set your bar out, then you may have some flexibility about the size and shape of sink you get. Remember that while your bar sink has to be functional, it needn't be as practical as say your kitchen sink. For example there are fun shapes such as a martini glass shaped sink, which is a great piece of eye candy. However it takes up more space than a more conventional wet bar sink, which you may not be able to spare.

There are many types of sink material to choose from as well. Stainless steel is the most popular and is very practical. Many people love the classic clean look of stainless steel. However you can also have ceramic, granite or glass. Whichever sort you chose should fit any other theming you plan for your bar.

As with any other type of sink, there are many different options for the type of wet bar sink you get. If it will be going into a solid surface such as granite or marble, you'll probably want to get an undermount sink. If done well, the solid surface melds nicely with the rim of the sink and there is no unsightly join or seam. It's also very easy to clean around this kind of sink since crumbs and debris can be swept from the surrounding counter straight into the sink. But depending on what else you have planed, you may need to consider a drop-in topmount unit.

If you are a bit of a handyman, then you can get a wet bar sink kit online, which is great for keeping the cost of your new bar down. The kit will come with full instructions. If DIY is not your thing then obviously you'll need to use a local craftsman to install the sink. Chances are its going to make sense for him to do that as part of creating the whole bar - so make sure you have the details planed out before any work starts.