Wet Bar Ideas

Before setting to work creating your wet bar, you'll need a few ideas about how you want it to look and what facilities it should have. If you are feeling ambitious and have the room, you may even want to go for a fully themed wet bar.

Even if you want to keep thing simple, you'll need to consider how many people you might want to host, the kind of refreshments you'll serve and anything else you might want to do in the bar area. Here are some wet bar ideas to help you plan your ideal home bar.

Your thinking should start with the basic elements of any wet bar

The bar surface. The surface material can be wood, stone, plastic or anything suitable for handling liquids. Kitchen countertops are similar in function you may be able to draw some inspiration from these. You'll also want to think about whether the bar top will have anything attached to it such as a draft fountain or accommodate any appliances..

The bar layout. The classic bar shape is either an "L" or a semi-circle, both with a wall behind the space where the bartender serves. But you could consider an "island" (bar in the center of the room) if you have the space. This could be very useful if you have a large enough room and expect to entertain lots of people since it allows for more people around the bar (and servers behind it). Be sure that your wet bar design ideas leave enough space in the rest of the room for people to move around with drinks and sit comfortably. Your bar layout also needs to take account of your approach to the core purpose of your wet bar. In other words, what are you going to be mostly drinking. If having beer on tap is important, then you'll need to have a keg installed somewhere in the bar, plus a small keg refrigerator to keep all that beer cold and refreshing. On the other hand if you'll mostly be drinking liquors and cocktails then you may only want a bit of space for cans or bottled beer. Conversely, you'll need extensive shelf or cabinet space to store liquors and mixing drinks. If martinis are your thing then perhaps you want to create a space for preparing the many different types. And you'll also want to reserve some space for non-alcoholic drinks from tea and coffee to chilled sodas and bottled water.

Seating. Think about whether you want movable seats; seats lined up against the bar; seats that can swivel for chat or to watch TV or deep comfortable club type seats for sitting and chatting. /p>

Hopefully some of these wet bar ideas will have helped your thinking about how to create your wet bar.