Wet Bar Furniture

Now that your wet bar is built, it's time to think about the next stage: bar furniture.

To get some ideas about the furniture for your bar, why not start with a little field research. Take yourself to your favorite local drinking establishment (hey this may be tough, but stay with me). This time though don't don't think about the beer, or the sports on TV, or which of your buddies might be there. Instead concentrate entirely on the look of the bar. Is it dark or bright? Are the tables open plan or set into private little alcoves. What are the bar stools made of? Is the overall ambience old wood or gleaming chrome? Most of all, now that you come to look at it, is this the look you'd want for your home wet bar furniture. If it isn't you may have to visit a couple of other bars in the area before you decide just what kind of furnishings you want.

Once you know how you want to furnish your bar, you need to thing about a few issues. Attention to detail is enormously important to get things just right. You'll need to think about lots of elements such as lighting, countertops and flooring. These will all need to work with whatever bar furniture and cabinets you select. Another thing to consider is how "permanent" you want the bar configuration to be or whether you'd like to be able to re-arrange the space easily to incorporate a variety of uses. Bar stools can obviously be moved round quickly or even cleared out of the way to increase standing space if you're going to have a lot of guests. But seating fastened to the bar or the floor has to be worked round.

Furniture which is going to serve in a wet bar also needs to meet certain requirements. For example a bar obviously involves a lot of liquid, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Chances are therefore that your bar furniture is going to see its fair share of spills. That means every furniture and surface needs to be resistant to liquids and easy to clean. Like any household furniture, you'll want it to meet applicable consumer safety standards as well

Bar stools

The choice of bar stools is worth a special mention. First of all you'll need to make sure the stools are the right hight. To do this, measure from the top of the counter or table people will be sitting at and deduct 9 inches. Your stools should be no higher than this. You can comfortably accommodate one stool per 24 inches of counter or table space (unless the stools are unusually wide). The more time you expect to spend in the bar (say if you plan to watch sports all evening), the more comfortable you'll the stool to be. Leather upholstered stools are a good choice for comfort and a high back can also help. But if your time is going to be spent in a few drinks and a bit of chat then you might want to put more weight on style and choose funky or retro looking stools.

Once you've decided furniture you want in your wet bar it's time to consider where to buy it from. As always these days, the Internet will offer you the best bargains and the greatest choice. The range of furniture and accessories on offer is amazing. Feel free to start with our store which is powered by Amazon who stock an extensive range of contemporary bar cabinets, furniture and accessories.