Wet Bar Accessories

So your new wet bar is installed and ready to be prepped for action. What accessories does a well equipped home bar need?

Well. that depends on how elaborate you want to make things. For a simple bar which is just going to serve a few basic drinks, the answer is only a few things. On the other hand if you like the idea of being able to cater to any request an eclectic mix of guests is likely to throw at you, then there are many gizmos and gadgets and other wet bar accessories to consider after you've bought the basics.

Here's a handy guide to the basic accessories every wet bar should have with some follow-up suggestions for the real hospitality enthusiast.

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Basic bar essentials

Glassware. Ok this is an obvious requirement, but there are still a few options to consider (unless you'll only ever be drinking beer straight from the can!). At a minimum you'll probably want beer glasses plus white and red wine glasses and rocks glasses for cocktails. Something more fancy on the beer front such as steinsor tankards can be a nice touch if that complements your bar's feel. You might also want other specialist glasses for martini and margaritas as well.

Corkscrew. Essential for wine. It's worth getting the lever action type rather than the really basic sort which relies on your pulling strength.

Bottle opener. You are going to be serving good beer right? Not just the cheap canned variety.

Cocktail shaker. This will allow you to mix up the basic cocktails with ease. Even if cocktails are not your regular drink of choice, its fun to have a evening of them once in a while and a basic shaker isn't expensive. Check that the one you buy has a built in strainer.

Other useful tools and wet bar accessories

Blender. Perfect for for making frozen drinks and a must have for hot summers. Get one with plenty of ice crushing capability.

Ice bucket and tongs. Helps you keep a good supply of ice handy next to your bartending area instead of needing to travel back and forth to the refigerator.

Jigger. Small cup for measuring your cocktail ingredients.

Cutting board and fruit knife. Handy for those fresh fruit slices in your cockails.

Ice Maker and ice crusher. The first allows you to make large quantities of ice quickly (ie from water to ice in about 5-10 mins depending on model) and the second does just what you'd expect from the name.

Wine bucket. To keep your wine cool on the table

Wine rack. If you want to keep your bottles handy and on display, this might be for you.

Further accessories.

Check out the bar ideas page for some thoughts about theming your bar. But even if you don't want to go for go as far as that you probably still want to put up a few decorations to give your bar space/room a bit of ambiance. Things you could consider include classic bar signs, adartboard or a personalized chalkboard . If you have room you might like some games to play such as a pool/billiard table, a classic pinball machine, or pub games. If you'll be watching TV or movies in your bar how about a popcorn maker. And finally, if you are a true bohemien and want every one to know it, why not stock some Absinthe and have the paraphanalia to enjoy it on hand.