Custom wet bar cabinets

Nothing looks more elegant in your home bar than having your own customized cabinets created by a professional craftsman or skilled DIYer. Having such cabinets which have been created in beautiful wooden construction specifically for your wet bar allows you to add all sorts of personalized touches which will give a very professional look to your bar. If you would prefer not to pay for fully custom wet bar cabinets, semi-customized cabinets allow you to add personal touches for a fraction of the cost. Here's what you should be thinking about if you are considering going down the custom route.


To start, begin by assessing the possibilities that the area you want to install a wet bar offers. A well supplied home bar will have a collection of accessories and necessities which can be bulky and space consuming. Your wet bar cabinet has to be able to hold everything you'll need. If your wet bar is in a corner of a room, you may find that space is at a premium and storing everything your bar requires calls for very careful planning. Measure the space where you plan to put your bar. It will need to offer enough space for all your alcohol etc and leave enough room for your guests to relax. Although you can certainly re-model the bar later if you want, its much better not to be forced to from the start because it doesn't have enough room. Once you done some measuring, why not sit down and sketch out a few ideas for layouts.

Custom cabinet styles

A classic pub style is often very good for maximizing storage and fitting in with an existing room shape, since this is a highly customizable design. Typically these cabinets will be made from dark wood and have rounded features to give an authentic pub look.

A second style which is good for maximising convenience is the classic L shaped bar with cabinets. The smaller line is often used to house the sink, whilst the longer allows plenty of room to put in your custom cabinets. Straight wet bar cabinets are also in fashion at the moment.

Construction considerations.

Part of the joy of having custom cabinets is your ability to determine such things as the material used in construction. Whilst there are many fine prefabricated bar cabinets for sale, nothing is as satisfying as relaxing in a bar for which you made all the design decisions.

Material choice: If you want an exclusive and sophisticated style like say an upmarket country club then oak, cedar or mahogany are good choices. If your budget is a bit tighter or you prefer a different feel then maybe one of the several synthetic woods would be ideal. If you want a tropical or tiki feel then bamboo is the right material.

Mounting: Can you mount your cabinets or will you need to have free-standing units.

Finishing touches: The custom details and decals express your personality and give your bar its unique feel. For example the handles of your bar can be made from a variety of authentic metals with different finishes. Or your cabinets can have artistic flourishes personal to you carved into them.

Need a little help?

If you are attracted to the idea of custom wet bar cabinets but not quite sure if your skills are up to it then fear not. Although it may seem like a daunting task, it is possible to get a helping hand to learn the techniques with a bit of insider knowledge from the professionals. Check out the excellent guide below.